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01/21/15 If you want to see some excellent video of a BNOW in action and in some amazing slow motion, check this out:
BNOW hunting in hi-res slow motion (from BBC).     Pete

12/28/14 IMPORTANT END OF 2014 INFO: This is now THE site for Starr Ranch webcams, including the BNOWs. The “BNOW only” cam site (; 2 cams) is currently telling you to come here and will soon redirect you here automatically if you have it bookmarked. The comments from that site will soon be archived and available here, but going forward and to keep things as organized and as clear as possible – especially regarding comments – this is going to be THE page you want to go to to view and comment. As always, feel free to email me if you are having any problems watching or commenting.

On another note, thank you to all who have made this site so much of what I was hoping it would become. It has evolved into a camaraderie of sharing, caring, education and learning that I truly wasn’t expecting. Really, thanks so much. Among other things you have made this easy for me. The nuts and bolts of putting up and maintaining the cams, servers, etc. is actually fun for me and I love doing it. But that I have not had to “police” the site is simply awesome. You guys look after each other and zealously protect what we all have here. Wow.

Also, a sincere thank you to everyone who has helped keep it all going. I think it’s obvious that it takes $ to keep the wheels on it all (buying/installing cams, paying a third party for the bandwidth so many can watch, and just all the other things needed that unfortunately aren’t free). Without you folks, I can’t make this happen. So again, thanks. Onward to 2015.  Pete

11/26/14 Gretchen and I (mostly Gretchen…) are working on some tweaks to the site that will allow some other cams to be watched – like the Kestrel box – We’re also exploring giving you the choice of what cams you want to view because I suspect as I try to add more on the same page not all of you might have enough bandwidth to stream them all simultaneously. Gretchen is also going to make the page wider since most laptops and desktop screens these days can accommodate more than the current view width. Last, comment length is now limited to 2500 characters (about 30 lines), and may get shorter after trying out, so that no single comment monopolizes an entire page. I think most of what can be said in a comment should easily fit within this limit. Pete

11/12/14 Kestrel box is up. Until I have time to work with Gretchen to put this on a page, you can check it out here:
This cam records continuously in a 7 day buffer meaning on the 8th day, the 1st day gets overwritten. But I have motion sensing set up at the cavity entrance so if something sticks its head in I’ll get an email and can take a look. I’ll be out of town from tomorrow until the following Thursday but will still be able to monitor any activity. Also, I might point the PTZ at the box during the day so you can see the setting and also if something checks it out. Pete

11/12/14 10AM PST Cavity and PTZ cams will be off for a bit while I put up the Kestrel box and make some adjustments. Hopefully for just a few hours. Also, if you heard some chainsaw activity this morning it’s just ground cleanup of the limbs I pruned last weekend. Pete

11/09/14 Cams will be off and on for a bit today while a finally get to make some adjustments, clean lenses, etc. Am also going to see what it looks like when I move the PTZ in and a bit higher if possible to get a better angle. I’m also going to place the Kestrel box nearby so that the PTZ can be used to view the entrance hole (there will also be a cam inside the box). Pete

11/08/14 Euc pruning done but took longer than expected, but is done. Cams back up now but will be down for a bit tomorrow when I make some adjustments to them. When I turned cams back on I saw female Kestrel was roosting in the cavity. All is well… Pete

11/08/14 Sometime today the BNOW cavity and PTZ cams will be offline for a while. I need to make some adjustments and further support the boom that holds the PTZ cam. I also hope to put up a Kestrel box w/ cam that the female Kestrel might check out and use. I’ll also be pruning some of the adjacent eucs so there would be a few hours of a lot of chainsaw noise… Cams will be back up by end of day. Pete

09/19/14 I talked to Gretchen this afternoon (who, if you don’t know by now, is awesome and is playing a major role keeping the wheels on this site) about providing an encrypted email address for you folks to use to let me know you accurately guessed launch and return times to win a Starr Ranch t-shirt. She told me how to do this and I will be providing it tomorrow. Because if I just simply post the email address (and none of you should ever put an email address in a comment) for tshirt winners to use then spammers are all over it immediately and I start getting 50-100 emails a day from them. Sad, but true, and too bad there are some bad people out there who spend time doing this – and think it’s OK to do so.  Shame on them.  Pete

09/05/14 A little different watering hole view for a while. Hopefully will give better views of the deer and squirrels. In any case, should give you some context of the setting. Pete

08/30/14 While we are in between nesting seasons and the BNOW cavity has been empty or at least just had an occasional visitor I figured I’d get all our cams up for you to watch. All should play fine, but if you don’t have a high speed internet connection you may find watching all simultaneously will not work well. If so, just click on any screen – that’s lowest on your list to view – to stop the feed. Clicking it again should restart it. BTW, comments here will be unique to this page and not appear on the BNOW cam page to keep things from getting confused. Pete

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  1. Tree frogs and a moth flyby on the PTZ. That’s it. Hope everyone has a nice evening.
    Birhani, glad to hear that your BNOWs are still around. Your enthusiasm about the BNOWs and how beautiful they are is wonderful to hear. Thank you for sharing that with us. Good luck with your mom – she may learn to appreciate them yet.

  2. This is a repeat of some of the info from ATA below, without the links spelt out (they are in the email from Cornell who runs the All About Birds webcams). It gives a slight bit about last year on the albatrosses (cute at any age, if you didn’t watch them last year, you should check them out this year.) It has the link to the GHOW as in ATA’s below. The Penguin watch is Q&A of Antarctic scientists for one hour only on this Thursday and Saturday.

    • I hope they have lots, too. I hate it when siblicide occurs. That made me turn away from the Texas Barn owls for quite awhile last year. Hopefully the rains, such as they’ve been, will get a decent population of prey for all those hungry mouths.

      • At least owlets just eat each other, unlike eaglets and osplets, who torment younger/weaker siblings when food is short. It seems that owlets consider that the purpose of anything small enough to eat is to be eaten, there’s no malice. As they grow and even out in size, owlet siblings are affectionate and charming, making us forget, or at least forgive, the demise of littluns.

  3. Not SR, I’m afraid, but it’s a GHOW at Decorah, apparently bringing in a mouse or having caught it right on the edge – because the mouse that already on the nest was too far away… and it or another appeared after the GHOW had left.


    Another failure – forgot I had muted Ustream so there’s no sound, but I’ve added on some calling from afterwards – but beware, the background noise is very loud. The owl was on the nest about 12 minutes.

    2m31s VIDEO =

    (Isn’t it frustrating how our birds either take their time over everything, making us wait, or do things so fast we can’t see what’s going on? ;-) )

    • The Decorah eagles were my very first online raptor nest, it must have been 2010/11, a cold, hard season that produced 3 healthy fledglings.

      Back then the eagles had a different nest nearby. I can’t remember why they changed over to this one (don’t be daft, only they knew of course ;-) ) but it certainly caught the cam-people unawares and for that season there were only poor images from a hand-held camera available.

      This is definitely the eagles’ nest, but they haven’t got around to serious home-making yet, and the GHOWs are attracted by just the kind of nest they like – but neither creature is quite ready for breeding.

      That’s the way I see it :-)

  4. Sigh….I know that kids would always rather play in a real stream than in a swimming pool, guess that goes for birds and critters, too.
    Apparently the rain has already blown out of the area until Thursday? ACWOs calling and the trail cam is looking peaceful and serene as usual.
    Is it possible that the hollow knocking we hear sometimes is an ACWO working away at the Kestrel nest box?

  5. I can hear a all to familiar sound of a raven/crow. crows almost always mob owls and since Ghows dont hide like Bnows the crows might scare em away from vicinity if they are around roosting or nesting cause Ghow’s are less concspicuous then Bnow . what say ye? maybe tonight the Bnow’s visit the Ritz

    • Burhani, one time I witnessed in my backyard a group of crows/Ravens trying to scare a GHOW in our eucalyptus tree in broad daylight and they were even attacking a couple of Hawks. Made a big ruckus and scared me to death, well not death!!!! But really scared the daylights out of me…. I’m with you on maybe tonight will be the lucky night for a BNOW to arrive. Fingers crossed

  6. Hi Guys, thanks for the advice re: the T/shirt sizing. Although I can wear both small & medium T/shirts, I decided to go with the medium to be on the safe side. If it’s too roomy, I can try and shrink it! I most certainly will wear it with pride, Lynn! Thanks again for the welcome on “officially” joining!

    • l’ll keep my fingers crossed for an owl to show up tonight and that the tee fits you comfortably, Okie.
      In the past, a warning has been given, that if you don’t see your shirt within a week or two after submission of your address and size desired, you should probably put in a second request — sometimes the spam monster eats good messages, too. I’m assuming this is still current info, but if not, you know what to assume makes us, right?

    If you would like to be added to our fantastic list of screen names/locations, please hit the reply button in the upper right hand corner of this post. We would love to have you join and see how many people are watching and where they live (city/state/country only), but there is no pressure whatsoever. Everyone should enjoy this site in their own way. The list has grown to 225 names/locations in 42 states and 8 countries. I’ve tried to catch all names since the last list was published on Saturday. If I missed anyone, my apologies and just reply here. Please join this wonderful group of owl/wildlife lovers. Thanks and have a great day! Patti
    NOTE: The list is by your SCREEN name/location

    LET’S TRY FOR #230
    Pete has authorized us to continue the contest and once again the prize is a coveted Starr Ranch T-Shirt. The rules: a T-shirt to the 230th viewer to join our Starr Ranch viewer/location list which is 225 long as of this moment; don’t miss out on this exciting contest as you really do want one of the T-Shirts!!!

    As mentioned numerous times, we have viewers from 42 States within the U.S. Let’s see if we can get one viewer from each of the following States: Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Iowa, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Vermont. Pete has generously offered a coveted Starr Ranch T-Shirt to the first person to sign in from each State. Let the contest begin!

  8. #