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  1. This is the last night for the doubling of any donations to Starr. Please don’t let the female’s current absence deter you — Starr Ranch will thankfully persevere on.

    Best of wishes for a great new year, all. Keep safe. 2016 should be a better year all around, I hope. We have Wynne’s return to be grateful for, and all of our viewers, new and old. The refuge of Starr is a fantastic experience and resource for us all. Thank you for a wonderous year.

    • It did seem like your comment, Scylla. Him looking at the place for any sign of displeasure, missing her — not in the attic or behind the pantry wall. Seemed sort of subdued — maybe he always does? Thank you for this wistful video. Keep hoping they reunite.

    • Hiya JoAnne, nice to see you. Your Q answered above.

      I am despondent. I can’t stop wondering about the female’s ins ‘n outs the other night – whyever would she have behaved like that? It’s probably not something anyone will know.

  2. A very Happy, Healthier, Better and much more Peaceful 2016 to you all!! Overhere we´re already more than 2 hours in 2016, and still there´s some fireworks going cracking outside(it´s allowed here to do that as a private person. In some cities they have now firework-free zones, near hospitals, parks, childrens farms aso).
    What a sad single sight in the cave. How long and how come so?
    Great shot Trish on a very blue, but as I understand, cold sky. My sister in Klamath Falls – used to live a. o. in Anaheim – had a Bald Eagle on a tree in her garden this week… Have some pic´s, but can´t upload them. Their wheather at the moment is so much colder than yours in Ca., with a lot of snow. So the Eagle was probably looking for food.
    Have a very nice ´Sylvester´ eve, greetings from a still much too warm Amsterdam, where the spring-bulbflowers already are decorating the roadsides and parks.

    • Hi, Geintje, thank you for your New Year wishes :-)

      A couple of nights ago the female behaved rather strangely – or ‘unusually’, at least – when she returned several times from probable hunting and left again – four times she flew off, and she has never returned from the fourth sortie.

    • I won’t scoff Scylla. Each time I visit here I’m sure she will have returned. Perhaps she still will? There are enough people hoping for that to become reality, if only it were possible.

  3. Owl sleeping and it’s still breezy out but calmer than it was earlier.
    I did find the Bald Eagles, but only got to see them from quite a distance away. The highlight of the day for me though was a new life bird, a Zone-tailed Hawk which almost flew right over me. Funny, because I’ve gone in search of one several times and dipped and didn’t realize what was flying toward me when I got it.
    This is probably going to be huge, but…

  4. Sad to see only one owl again. I’m trying not to worry. Good luck Trish on seeing the eagle. I hear the are to nesting pairs at Irvine Lake. I want to get out there also. It is windy this morning in Yorba Linda but a warm 51 compared to the 30s and 40s of the past few days.

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