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  1. IMPORTANT!!!! (please bump this up if it gets lost on other pages). My sister found a barn owl last night in her back yard. It was in dire straits and was gasping. She (and I) had no phone numbers of anyone (except Pete) to call to help this poor owl. By the time numbers and email addresses were gathered and notified, the owl had passed. She has it in her freezer and is in contact with Pete for a necropsy. This female owl had blood on her beak and on her talons which may be an indication of poisoning from her prey.
    1) Find and keep all numbers and contact information in case you find an owl that needs help. Be sure the numbers are current and handy. You may think you live in an area that has no owls, my sister is near Burbank, citified. They are out there, so you may have to have these numbers. We hope you never need them.
    2) If the owl dies, please freeze it for research.
    3)Do NOT ever, under any circumstances, use poison to kill rodents. It WILL kill the prey animals as well as hunters and they are sorely needed. I live rurally in Utah and we have coyotes and foxes. I understand that they upped the bounty on these animals (they leg trap here) and now we are overrun with squirrels, rabbits, snakes, gophers, mice. When you mess with the hunters, you create all kinds of havoc. Please save the hunters, do not poison their prey.

  2. Those bees are just sooooo happy to have that water there. I never before (before the watering hole, that is) realized how much they needed (or maybe just wanted) it. If I even thought about it, I guess I thought they got what they needed from the nectar they gathered.

  3. Looking back to January 2011 !!! (featuring that ole ‘imagined owl speak’ just for fun)

    “Good grief! How many are there? Can we do this???”

    Seriously, one wonders what they were doing at that moment? Whatever it might have been, since we can only speculate, it’s a lovely scene! ♥

  4. BATS
    Today we have a very different view from yesterday, which explains why I (don’t know about you) didn’t realise that the bats were not just entering thru the “slit” in the “wall”, but straight into the open box. I’ve nearly burned my eyes out concentrating on that slit to find bats slithering in, when all the time they were shooting into the big open box.

    I did see one bat do the slither-in, which mis-led me into expecting more.

    54s VIDEO = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TOVVll4-2F8

    A little critter scurried along the “beam” – probably a mouse? Before that, eyes glint and another critter drops off the “wall”:

    30s VIDEO = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xfyy8lI1A7g

    I’m beat, see y’all later.

  5. About 6:37am (time is for scylla) I saw what might be a Scott’s Oriole at the watering hole.
    Good morning everyone! Sorry I didn’t respond yesterday to all those wonderful greetings, but my computer decided to go into an alternate universe for a day and was totally inaccessible. Had to let it run out the battery before I could get back on.
    I LOVE the bat house – knew what it was as soon as the cam came up on the screen. THANK YOU ever so much, Pete.
    Hope y’all have a delight-filled day.

    • Wynne, glad I’m not the only one with tech troubles but sorry the other one had to be you ;-)

      I shall do the downloads much later and will watch out for the bird but I have no timeline to go by, and now the birds are much smaller. Do you get the impression I’m setting myself up for failure? ;-D

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