2016 Comment Archive to April 10

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  1. HOWR nest is showing 4 eggs. Owlets still in the pantry area. MRS had moved the nest spot again. Just like rabbits. They move their young, about the nest area. HOFI Upon the eggs. MR K upon the eggs. I have not seen the AMKE eggs today. Just yet. Been in, & out, a good bit. I keep checking to learn if any have a PIP? Glad at least folks can view the cams. All are up & working.
    HOWR has just returned to sit upon the eggs.

  2. Good Morning☼ I see the 4 HOWR eggs! My first look at them. MR K in K box. HOFI upon her eggs. MRS BNOW has the Owlets moved, to the pantry area. Her back is turned. View of Owlets pop out here, & there, from behind her.

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  4. Don’t know if this will post or not. I’m getting the same fatal error message as Tecolote when logged in and cannot read comments. If not logged in, I can read messages. Sent an email to Pete.

  5. Most unfriendly BNOW encounter? Not sure. I heard the MRS screeching. (While on another screen) As if angry. BNOW had arrived. It did not seem as it it was MR BNOW. If it was, like they were having a Scrabble. I did not see the whole thing. In the end she chased off the BNOW, that had arrived. The event lasted about a minute. I hope that someone here, had recorded this?

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