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  1. At 9:56 the female made about a 4 second stop on the branch then circled into the nest. The male doesn’t seem quite as ready as she is. She is rasping away. The male is asleep.

  2. I saw a subtle comment earlier about maybe some surprises coming …. so I’ve been speculating. We could push for remotely controlling the camera – but I think that could cause conflict; And I don’t mean amongst the owls.

  3. iexplore2010-12-3007-19-05-72-1.jpg
    thanks so much everyone for helping make this possible… and don’t stop with the new year. Please keep checking in and if at all possible keep that support coming. Who knows what great ideas Pete may have in mind for future plans – we may be able to help make even more varied cam opportunities happen! What a great privilege for all of us

    • Happy New Year to all the owlie fans.
      Thanks to everyone who participated in the “where are you” stuff.
      It’s fun to see where we are from. And thanks to those who were able to pitch in to help out.
      I know we do what we can when we can.

  4. Happy New Year to all at Starr Ranch and to my fellow owl luvers.. May the new year bless each and every one of you Here’s to a bright New Year and a fond farewell to the old, to the things yet to come and to the memories we hold… Thank Starr Ranch and Pete for bringing us this wonderful view into nature and to those of you for the lovely screen shots..

    Happy New Year from Braselton, Georgia

  5. Checking in again and see that they are consistent… rasp, preen, sleep and probably eat if there is food in the pantry… plus the bonding that will probably occur later tonight! Loyal SR fans seem to be consistent, too, in their sharing of what they can as evidenced by the donations throughout the day. Yeah SR owls, Yeah SR fans!!! Happy, Happy New Year to one and all!

  6. Best Wishes for a safe and productive New Year to all at Starr Ranch. Sending my love to the Mr. and Mrs. Owl for all of the beautiful pictures they have given us.
    Will be waiting for the next addition. :)
    Also Happy New Year to all my friends on this site coming from Perkasie, PA located in beautiful Bucks County. Talk to you all next year. Peace

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