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  1. The male left his delivery out in front and planted a feather next to it. GPS for owls?? lol
    Maybe dad thought that the oldest would try to eat it all……the oldest tried to down a small mouse last night by ‘him’self. Won’t be long before they will all be doing that. Enjoying “chickhood” while it lasts.

    • Didn’t refresh to see your captures. Really slow tonight.
      I thought for a minute he was going to eat it himself……or at least ‘unzip’ it for convenience. :)

  2. But did you see that romantic exchange between them. She was kinda rubbing her head on him and gave him something from her beak. She was really glad to see him. Followed him out to the exit. I’ve never seen this behavior before between them. It was darling. And when he left it’s like she went after him. I hope someone got this on a clip.

  3. Ok, I’m having trouble seeing on the close up camera again like the other night. It’s very grainy and blurry. It’s no longer dusk here in the O.C. so it must be that the camera is not focused in for night yet.

    • It gets grainy at night if I don’t switch back to B/W when it gets dark at the end of the day. Just did, but pls know I’m peddling as fast as I can, everyday, to keep these cams up and viewable in the best possible way. But I, and others, are doing a lot of other stuff here at Starr Ranch for conservation. So sometimes I’ll be late with the B/W- color change or maybe something else. Sorry. But this cam literally takes 24/7 attention to make happen and keep up so all of you have the best view possible. Take home message: I get it, am doing the best I can, and among other things I do not forget needing to adjust the cam so it’s not blurry (or for anything else). But if I don’t get to this right away, trust me, I will. In the meantime, patience please – everybody. Pete

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