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  1. I guess she just needed a stretch. No food. Aahhh, I love the way she gingerly moves her egg around. She is such a good momma. Hopefully when we awaken, she will have her prey.

  2. I’m with you lulu lennon. Lol. I know it’s nerve=wrecking. But if I remember correctly, she had 2 goodies yesterday. I’ve been on and off here since 6:30 am, and I don’t think she has eaten. But she will soon. Either she will go get it or he will bring it to her. Hopefully sooner than later. Maybe she will get 2 again. Yayyyy. Have a great sleep and don’t worry. :)

  3. My observation, she has gone off a few times I believe looking for food! Did not find food, but did not want to leave her egg too long, and is back on her egg, rasping for her Daddy to bring some food! Dude! Do it!

  4. Two owls returned and I think they landed (9:35 ) at the same time, not sure, but it looked that way.
    The female was on the right of the branch and went around the male to return to her egg. The male remained on the branch for a brief time.

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