2014 Comment Archive II

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  1. Since it’s been so quiet lately I will share a short story. This morning, approx. 3:15am, I kept hearing a noise. I thought it was my cat having cat dreams, so I woke her up. To my surprise it wasn’t her. It was a GHOW right outside my window, in the pine tree. I opened my window and then could hear the hoo-hoo from what I assume was the male. Then the loud “cat” noise started and I would assume it was the Mrs. They have been around every so often the last month or so, but last night they were really close:))

  2. No posts showing since 3:43 pm. I don’t know if this is correct so I’m posting to see if any other comments show. No activity as yet. I live 30 miles north of Starr Ranch and we have had rain and very strong winds. Winds look rather mild for Starr Ranch and I haven’t seen rain. It is cold.

  3. The Spa looks so clean and shining. If like around my area, there may be some overcast which eliminates the sunglare. Haven’t seen anyone using the Spa, though, after several checks. If humans cleaned the lens, thank you.

  4. Anyone else noticing this? If I open the site from my bookmark and have been logged out, it opens the blog at the point on 12/28 when Gretchen said she was updating the software. Once I log in I get the current page. The cams are always ‘live.’

  5. You know how YouTube presents you with lots of videos to watch when you’ve finished watching a video? … Well, it just presented me with this – a kestrel landing on an amateur cameraman’s head when he was filming it in his garden (yard?) – what struck me was the kestrel’s vocals, very similar to “ours” but less guttural. It’s very short:


      • Ours is apparently the Common Kestrel (falco tinnunculus), which is also found in Asia so maybe it is known as the Eurasian Kestrel.

        The American Kestrel is falco sparverius.

        “My” kestrels had a very distinctive call, I loved to hear them announcing themselves at the start of the breeding season – and then the feral pigeons took over :'(

        I had loads of pictures on Photobucket and they’ve all gone except this one:


        … and these, which are awful because I had reduced them to avatar size so have had to enlarge them.

        I heard scrabbling outside my bedroom window and pulled back the curtain to see this:


        You can imagine the panic, rushing to get my camera and trying to keep the curtain open without scaring off the bird :o

        This one was taken at 5am against one of the bluest skies there’s ever been in my life (it seemed at the time):


        I’m so sad to have lost all the decent captures.

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