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Comments from the 2011 nesting season.

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  1. Hmmm, is that the injured one in front that was putting weight on the banded leg? Did anyone notice the head bobbing up and down as if to say, ‘yes yes yes, I can do it!’ lol

  2. One of the other owlets caused our injured owlet to move and it definitely had something to say about that. Hopefully the parents are still feeding, because I really can’t picture this one getting food on its own.

  3. Yesterday the injured one was resting his foot on a pellet and it just occured to me: Perhaps there are some ancient mystical healing powers in pellets that the owls know about and we don’t?……LOL. OK, not crazy, just letting go of some leftover tension.

    • Good to start the eve out with humor, Pantha. However, we really don’t know all there is to know about such matters, so hey, maybe, just having the pellet as a ‘talon-stool’, kinda like a ‘foot stool’ is helpful!!! So, yeah, healing powers indeed! As the eve begins, I’m wondering how much longer these owlets will return, injured or otherwise. Does anyone have an idea about how many days owlets usually stick around their home nest before complete separation. I’m sure that it varies, but is there a range?? OK before anyone tells me, I’ll check FAQ, but am interested in thoughts of exp. viewers as well.

    • P.S. just asking about when they might permanently depart because I will certainly miss the ‘better than TV reality show’ this fam has provided for months now. So tonight, I’ll keep that in mind as I once again watch their antics and their forays into their ‘world outside the Ritz’. And maybe I’ll have a sniff sniff moment!

    • I agree with this being better than anything on TV. I have a hard time thinking about them all being gone. They have brought SO MUCH joy (and some heartache)

    • Emma, you make me laugh, big time! I like your thoughts on the pellet-stool, foot-stool theory… and it’s ‘only’ 8:04 pm!! We still have several hours for our minds to wander, don’t we? I checked out the branch on rt. cam… yes, it’s NOT a fire hose with water gushing out… only a branch like jac said!! I hope these owlets NEVER leave, but I am looking forward to another clutch! I feel like cancelling my Time Warner Cable for this… much better entertainment… and much cheaper!

  4. just read past comments on injured owlet and also Petes info, Just want to know what people have seen of him last night or today. Did he fly is he still favoring it, etc. thanks!

    • Hi Paula, as you probably read the injured owlet did fly out last eve and did return sometime. It, along with the other two, have been fairly quiet when I’ve checked throughout the day. I have observed it kind of hop/jump a couple of times and have read that it has been observed putting some weight on the foot/talon/leg. It does seem that the injured area still bothers the owlet. Hopt that’s the info you wanted.

  5. wow, the pic on the right is so very clear right now! Feel as if I’m right there looking up! The trio of owlets still seem to be catching afternoon zzzz’s!

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