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Comments from the 2011 nesting season.

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  1. Afternoon everyone!! I just moved to Laguna Niguel, and I get the OC Register news paper… Starr Ranch and the owls are in it!! I read the article what Pete said about the owls and it talks about the owls + the eggs. There is also a great picture of Mrs. O standing, moved to the side and she gave a view of the 6 eggs. So sweet!! Anyway, Mr. O is standing besides Mrs. O sleeping, while she picks at leftovers on the ground. She also seems to be digging a bit with her beak into the same spot, now letting out a few soft raps… Have a wonderful saturday everyone.

  2. I was watching last night and I think I witnessed MsO rolled over on one of her eggs and it broke. I think it put her in a terrible mood and she got into a terrible verbal fight with Mr O. It went on and on and then MrO talked softly to her and left for a long time after that. She seemed very upset and couldn.t settle down for hours. Do anyone else see that too? Around 10:00 pm…..Ann

    • What plug-ins did you install? You will need to install the Flip4Mac plug-in if you are on a mac, or Windows Media Player plug-in for pc. You also can find helpful FAQs in the right sidebar of this site for answers to many questions you may have about the the cams, barn owls, previous nesting history, location of nest, and more.

  3. The following features would be a welcome addition:
    - Ability to refresh comments without having to refresh the whole screen and therefore the web cams. It’s interesting to read the comments as you watch the webcams, but you might miss something if you have to refresh the whole screen each time.
    - Have a link to post a comment on top of the comments so you don’t have to scroll all the way down.

    • I agree with both suggestions Dan. The reloading of the cams every time a page is refreshed is a bit annoying because, for me, the cams take several seconds to load! Maybe with continued donations Pete might possibly be able to improve his equipment.

    • Sue, are you on a PC or mac? Sounds like you don’t have the proper plug-in installed. You will need to install Flip4Mac if you have a mac, or Windows Media Player if you are on a PC. Also, FAQs in the right sidebar of this site has answers to many questions, including web cam troubleshooting tips, the barn owls, prior nesting history, and nest locations, among others. Good luck!

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