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  1. I’m sure they will restore the font size as soon as possible Paula, I was liking that bold new font as well.

    Handy little trick though Trish – that Ctl + or – to increase or decrease … thanks a bunch!

  2. Regarding the font, I already run my screen at 125% and can barely read the posts. Yesterday it was bold and normal size which was even easier to read. Trish’s trick helps, but I hope that after the holidays the webmaster can return the font to the regular size.

    Speaking of the holidays, Happy New Year to all and I hope you all find peace, happiness and improved prosperity in 2011.

  3. Have heard crying/whimpering sounds from the distance, maybe a hooting kind of cry.. don’t know how to describe it. Sounds do not get reaction from owl in cavity that is busy preening.

  4. At 9:30 Mrs was home. She started rasping and squatting when she heard Mr on the way. He popped in for a quickie while she rasped loudly until he left. Both were gone by 9:34pm after she had a good leg-stretch. I didn’t see any food coming or going this time.

  5. Thanks Pete and Co. for your wonderful card. What a surprise to treasure permanently. A beautiful photo on the card. That was very generous of you. We will continue to give you any support that we individually can. You are doing a wonderful job and we are very lucky to visit here. Best wishes for a happy, healthy, safe New Year and a stop to the rains.

  6. Mrs Owl starts chittering and gets down low.
    Mr Owl arrives with a nice mouse, and they mate.
    Getting down to some serious mating business…… lots of drops with cops tonight.
    Him bringing more and more food back to the Ritz is a good sign, things are as they should be!
    Now Mrs Owl is checking out her food happily rasping all the way!

    • Mr. O left. Mrs. O placed the critter/prey at her feet, studied it, left it lying there, and continues to rasp. Maybe it just wasn’t what she wanted!!??? Has anyone noticed that the last few times of bonding have seemed a bit frantic/frenetic! Now she is at the entrance, heard a screech off in the distance. While I posted, she took off. Cavity now empty.

  7. Thank you Trish and jmm for posting the donation info… easy to find if one knows where to look. Hope the info will help all who wish to contribute. Sending mine tomorrow, and to repeat feather… maybe not much, but from the heart!!! realmqt, sympathies with you in 6 below temps, 5 hours of snowing and no heat, whew, and to think that here in Phnx today, we ‘celebrated’ our ten minutes of snow flurries! I hear rasping, is that the Mrs. in the corner?

  8. Emma – easiest way to donate in by clicking on “Support this Webcam”, below Pete’s note and above our comments.

    My Starr Ranch holiday card is the only one I’ll be holding on to. Thx Pete! And Linda!

    How much could we pull together for road repair if we all pitched in $20.10 or $20.11 in the next few days, I wonder?

    Happy new year from Chicagoland!

  9. Colorado Springs, CO here – trying to stay warm. Temp is 6 below and it’s been snowing for about 5 hours. Just dropped by in time to see our pair necking in the dugout. Can’t stay long since my heat is out. My kitty and I are going to go snuggle up under the blankets. Nite All.

  10. I’m in Kuna, Idaho – 15 miles SW of Boise. I used to post as “Jack” until the other Jack came along. No problem, I just changed. The pair just came back to the nest and mating occurred immediately.

  11. Hey! While Starr Ranch is battling their flood restoration challenge, we cam viewers could have a bit of a challenge of our own…

    How many viewers are watching and generally from where??? Write a short comment and let us know! Are you from a state in the US or another country? And of course any small or large or in-between donations are greatly appreciated for the upkeep and improvement of these great cams. Who’s out there watching these amazing barn owls? Let us know…

    Greetings from NH, USA and my donation goes out first thing tomorrow. Not the biggest, but definitely from the heart

    • Hey Feather. Great idea. Let’s have some fun waiting for those eggs! :-)

      I’m in Anaheim, here in Southern California.
      I could afford another small tax deduction before the end of the year too.
      I’ll do it!


    • The Green “Support this webcam” button above is the easiest way.
      You will see the page is https meaning secure, as opposed to http unsecure.
      Just so you know, it is a safe way to donate.

      Also, snail mail address is available if you go to very top right, Support Starr Ranch link above.

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