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  1. Your card with the beautiful owlet and the beautiful quote delight and inspire. The personal message on the back is so warm! Like the others here, I just sent a donation. Thank you, Pete, for being you! Happy New Year!

  2. Season’s Greetings to all from Murrieta, Ca. Loved my holiday card from Pete and Sandy, will save to a spot where I have begun to collect other bird memorabilia! Hope everyone is able to send a little relief money to our beloved Starr Ranch, mine is on the way!!

  3. Happy New Year, everyone, and thanks Pete for the Christmas Card – I love it – put it on my bulletin board at work along with several other BNOW pics – all my co-workers know I’m a certified Barn Owl “nut” — I made a contribution to the webcam today; not for tax reasons but just because I appreciate all that Pete and Sandy do for us by keeping this cam running year-round. Can’t wait to see the next brood of young’uns (soon I hope)!!

  4. Happy New Year to all at the Starr Ranch from West Chester, PA. Just send along a year end donation. No need for a thank you letter by mail, watching these owls every day is thanks enough for me. Best wishes for 2011 and fingers crossed for eggs sometime in the near future.

  5. Happy New Year to Starr Ranch, owl watchers, and, of course, the Mr. and Mrs.! I love the card from Starr Ranch – the owlet and quote are terrific! I mailed an end-of-the-year donation to Starr Ranch yesterday. Thank you, Pete, for providing us with such joy watching the Barn Owls. Such wonderful creatures! This is coming from the center of the US – Kansas!

  6. Just checked live pic of Bell Creek, such a beautiful creation of nature, esp. when it is not overflowing. And speaking of ‘overflowing,’ let’s hope with feather’s reminder of the needs of Starr Ranch and its inhabitants, we will help the SR coffers to overflow by midnight tonight. It’s a win/win for nature in general, for Mr. and Mrs. O specifically, for Pete, Sandy and the SR staff, and definitely for those of us who love to come here and bask in the glow of these magnificent creatures!!!!!

  7. Greetings too from Western Delaware county ,PA. Not to far from Millgrove the first us home of john james audobon in Audobon,Pa. Happy New Year to one and all!

    Ive gone gonzo for photographing raptors such as Red Tail Hawks, Peregrine Falcons and Bald Eagles but i am now on a quest to photograph owls. I hope to get lucky one of these days

  8. I have just contributed, and joined Audubon earlier due to this owl cam, which I learned about through our Bald Eagle site at our Norfolk Botanical Gardens. Thank you, Pete and the team, and Best Wishes to all at Starr Ranch for a wonderful New Year!!

  9. Well, look at the font!
    And the owls too!
    All is good.

    Let’s keep the fun going kids.
    This is from last night… bringing it forward to anyone who wants to participate is
    “Where are you” and also, a reminder, today is the last day of the year to get that tax deductible donation in to Starr Ranch.

    • Feather’s orig. post.

      Hey! While Starr Ranch is battling their flood restoration challenge, we cam viewers could have a bit of a challenge of our own…

      How many viewers are watching and generally from where??? Write a short comment and let us know! Are you from a state in the US or another country? And of course any small or large or in-between donations are greatly appreciated for the upkeep and improvement of these great cams. Who’s out there watching these amazing barn owls? Let us know…

      Greetings from NH, USA and my donation goes out first thing tomorrow. Not the biggest, but definitely from the heart

  10. Wonderful photos Feather! I always look forward to your photos when I visit here. Mrs. O. seems more raspy than usual this morning. I noticed that she laid her first clutch egg this year on Jan. 2. Mr. O. calmly preening himself.

    • ditto to photos, feather. And with your post as a reminder last eve about donations before year’s end, I did it one minute after midnight! Hope SR gets lots of donations before midnight tonight to assist with all of the clean up, repairs, on going maintenance and care of our blessed critters at SR sanctuary! Let’s go owl fans! Thank you Pete, Sandy, owl fans/posters/photographers for what has been a joyous ride this year at SR!!!

  11. Good morning owls and owl fans! Both are home. Mr. is sleeping. Mrs. is…. well what else.. she’s rasping and loudly. But she’s also preening! Multitasking!! Now, tho’, Mr. opens eyes, looks at her in her constant state of rasp and he begins to preen. He is an unflappable guy! I turn down the volume, he calmly preens! Guess he’s used to his companion! Great series of shots jac. It was a quick encounter!

  12. For the last half hour or so, male owl standing quietly in doorway lots of rasping coming from behind. When he finally moves, female is in brooding position. Male picks up a snack and begins to eat but she makes a quick grab and snatches his snack from him, still rasping away. He resumes his snooze. Pretty unflappable, that Mr O. Interesting to see her squatting down like that… maybe an egg isn’t too far away?

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