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  1. Linda, The earthquake was at 10:48 am and occured in Northern Baja. I definitely felt it here in San Diego – lasted about 30 seconds while the building swayed. Usually the quakes seem to be up by LA and flow down here to San Diego. We got it from the other direction this time which is probably why you didn’t feel it.

    When we have little quakes during the night, my cockatiel cage thrashes. By the time I wake up to turn on lights and calm her down before she breaks a blood feather the quake is over and I don’t know why she is thrashing. I’ve learned to note the time when she thrashes and then check the USGS website in the morning.

  2. That’s a cool map Jeanne. Owl nest is approx 60 miles SE of LA, I think.

    Debbie, it does look like she’d like to do the 1 legged stance but then seems uncomfortable with it and stands on 2. Just my guess too…

  3. I notice that she stands on both legs most of the time now. Could it be that as she approaches egg-laying time, she might feel a little heavy or off balanced and that stabilizes her? Just a thought.

  4. Yup. So. Cal is dark today.
    There has a been a light rain going since about 10 this morning.
    Would def. be a reason for the ants to be out early.

    I can just see the male now, facing to the right. And a talon only of the female behind.

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