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  1. For several minutes, she crouched completely to the ground, and had very rapid breathing, much like a woman in labor. She then was alarmed by something outside, so she stood up and was absolutely transfixed on whatever it was that she heard. She has settled down a bit, and is looking all tuckered out. Might be soon??

  2. I also noticed a difference in her lower belly feathers as well, and then read about the brood patch on another website. Her body is definately more maternal now, she actually looks full and a bit uncomfortable, standing on both legs mostly, for stability.

  3. I’m so glad you mentioned the brood patch jmm. The overall changes in her appearance and behavior are so fascinating that I was seeing glimpses of the brood patch without registering what it was.

    Just when you think she couldn’t be any more endearing…….

  4. I was thinking the same thing. If there is an egg, I doubt Pete would disturb.

    Yesterday I got a good look at her brood patch. It looked different (more noticeable, feathers separating more), but to be honest, I don’t have much to compare it to. It will become more vascular when she’s ready to reproduce.

  5. Thinking out loud……hopefully Pete will have a chance to fix the cam and audio issue before she begins to lay eggs, otherwise he would have to disturb the nest which would probably really agitate Mrs. Owl.

  6. The WA Dept of Fish & Wildlife had a cam last spring and that nest fledged 4 babies. They eggs looks like white eggs – nothing too fancy. If I remember right once she lays the eggs we may not see him as often. Then once the eggs hatch (cross your collective fingers) she may boot him out except when he delivers dinner. She’ll get pretty protective of the babies even with him. The female up here would peck at him to get out after he makes the pizza delivery!

  7. This is really sweet and fascinating to watch her begin her “nesting”.
    Does anyone know how long after this behavior starts that she will lay the

    I can only view this at work, so with the long weekend ahead, I will miss a lot
    of this.

  8. She’s circling what looks like a nest and tearing up all the pellets around it for nesting material…it’s funny watching her decide what to put in or take out. She was throwing out sticks and then decided to go after a feather…then changed her mind. Then she groomed herself and her mate…how sweet!

  9. I agree with Julia — Mrs. looks uncomfortable (if that’s possible in the owl world), and fidgety. She’s picking at leftovers all around the cavity — not eating them, just rearranging them. She’s keeping low to the ground and doing considerable tail-wagging.

  10. 7:09am Both owlies are sleeping. She is behind him and it looks like she has her face cuddled in his side! It’s probably just the angle but it looks so sweet and loving. She looks to be smiling and very content.
    Glad you like the earthquake site. I use it a lot as I feel them often, note the time and then check to see if it’s just me, shaking in my boots!

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