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  1. Hi, Greetings from Europe-Czech Republic.
    Advisory watch owls as nice little family grow.
    It seems that everything is alright, I wish they are at all healthy.
    Only there are some unpleasant ants, but probably it has to be by nature.
    Have a good, Monica.

    • Hello Monica,
      It is nice to hear from you again. So glad you are still able to watch!
      The ants eat insects and the bits of decomposing flesh that are left by the owls. One viewer has pointed out that we have not seen the vast numbers of ants we see now because the previous owlets have been hatched a couple of months earlier than this year’s, when it is much cooler and the ants aren’t as active.
      It’s going to be so much fun watching the owlets grow.
      Have a good day

  2. Great thing about being in Australia, we can see all the nocturnal habits and feeding. She was getting hungry and went out and got a small mouse?, he came back not long after with a large rat (I think), she is busy now feeding, unfortunately mostly with her back to the cam

    • Hendo, did you see her arrive back with the mouse in her beak? I haven’t seen that happen too much… Could be that her mate handed it off to her while she was out or could be she caught it. No way to tell usually. But with a one day old chick, usually she wouldn’t be leaving for too long.

      • She definately had the mouse in her beak, only gone a few minutes and shared with the chicks (he oldest one tried to eat it by itself), he came in a few minutes later with a rat

    • christine, a lot of her scratching is preening -she preens her face using a couple of her talons which are specially equipped for preening, as she can’t reach her face with her beak ;)

  3. Its funny to watch her feathers move in different places….. Mrs. Spots just stood and I got a great view of the owlets. They are soo small, but you can sure tell who’s older. Its amazing how fast they grow! …. and as I was typing, Mr. Spots returned, looks like he brought food and is now at cavity entrance….. or not.

  4. WOW! That was a range of sounds that I have never heard her make before. Wonder who the stranger on the branch was/is? She definitely was in her “I’ll defend my babies” mode.

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