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  1. I found this about BNOWS: “Barn Owl females are somewhat showier than males. She has a more reddish and more heavily spotted chest. The spots may indicate the quality of the female. Heavily spotted females get fewer parasitic flies and may be more resistant to parasites and diseases. The spots may also stimulate the male to help more at the nest. In an experiment where some females’ spots were removed, their mates fed their nestlings less often than for females whose spots were left alone”.
    So, our beauty is a high quality female….I was sure of this…and a good mommy, too!

  2. So egg #5 is at 32 days gestation. It seems all her eggs hatched at least 32 days or later. Hummm? I wonder why her babies are coming so late? Are the 28 to 30 days gestation time just an average rule of thumb and not set in stone? Obviously not for her. Please come today baby #5. Tomorrow I will be at church and I just know I’ll miss your hatching!

  3. Anyone know what kind of prey she is feeding the babies? She has a few in her little nest, but the one she is feeding them now, (2:25pm pst) is quite large and does not have the feet of a mouse or rat.

    • While Mr. Spots has seemed to pop in with prey between 7:30 pm and 8:30 pm PST, remember they are wild birds. No clock, No rodent take out. Feeding takes place on nature’s schedule. Also, often she has prey stored in what viewers refer to as “the pantry”, so she sometimes feeds during the day as well.

    • There are 4 babies and one egg ready to hatch any day. Mama feeds them several times a day. Mr. Owl shows up between 7:45 and 8:30 pst every night with a mouse or rat. He pops in and out several times a night, sometimes with a gift sometimes just to mate. :)

    • I’ve had that same thought, have also wondered if she ever gets to eat since she’s always feeding the babies, but she’s chowing down right now while the kids are sleeping.

    • I’m sure birds have a different kind of sleep pattern than us humans do. She sits on those babies most of the day and gets her rest here and there. We always compare animals to ourselves and it’s not the same at all.

  4. Oh dear.. did I miss the #5 hatching? I still only see four.. I see an egg remnant.. Hope I didn’t miss too much.. I’m addicted… (smile) GRAND still pictures also… g

  5. I notice that this mom is feeding the kids more fur than other moms I’ve seen. Not very nutritious mom. I suppose there is nourishment in the skin though. Owls know best.

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