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  1. Its nice when there is a ground crew to report and take pitures of what we cant see, like where does the male roost? does he roost alone.?what sex is the third owl? does the male have 2 partners.kinda like to know this stuff while im observing something different this year, the male doesn’T seem to stick to any pattern to drop food off doesnt even seem like hes around much,,rarley do they preen .Has the female determined 1 egg is enough,lol. incubation usually consist of a constant tempature till egg hatches. she incubates intermittenly I think she knows what to do seems like the males not all in..

  2. She has been sitting on the egg for a while…rasping away! Just now, 10:15 got up and is rasping even more on the lip. As some of you have translated for us, she may be saying RAT PLEASE,,,RRAAAAATTT!

    Oh, now she’s quiet and sitting on her “baby”.

    Do they rasp or make noise before they lay the egg? What kind of behavior can we look for to give a clue that a new egg may be arriving?

    Maybe one is all she wants for her “first time”. I hope the current egg is viable. In any case, this website has been a great find for my family.

    I have to say…the egg laying last Monday was perfect timing for us. My husband and I were a little upset with each other and I knew we were going to have an “uncomfortable” evening. Then, I saw the egg! Everything we were upset about disappeared, our dear little owl calmed our nerves and saved our marriage!!! Well, that was an exaggeration, but it did get us both out of our bad moods and we forgot all problems. Thank you Mrs. Spots!

  3. Been keeping an eye on several Owl families on this site. I am a novice owl watcher. I don’t really comment. But this particular set seems like a very young couple! I am very curious and often check in on the Ritz and tenants.

    • Welcome to our chatty group! I hope you will add your observances, too! I agree with you. I am a novice owl watcher, but it seems to me like she is a young mother. Can any of the more experienced or knowledgable members answer those observations?

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