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  1. Do we believe she is gone off hunting ? She is hungry? She has Been gone a while which brings to my mind, how long can the egg be left alone at 65 degrees? Just guessing on the temp.

  2. My goodness, this female does not seem to like the Mr to hang too close! He entered, they mated, he dismounted and stood for a little bit facing forward. Then, just as I observed the other day, when he turned around toward the back she kind of lunged at him and he moved forward and eventually left. I think I’d leave too. But then, maybe she was wanting him to go hunting and not hang around…as if he ever does hang around inside the Ritz. He seems to be a Branch Office kind of guy!!!:)

  3. Hello everyone: re (the events in the owl cavity around 11 pm pst last night).
    Unfortunately cam 1 clicked off for what was probably only a moment or two live, at about 9 pm. When that happens, it shuts down my video capture and if I’m not present to reset, I end up nothing. Sorry about that. I checked it twice just to be certain. I do have the entire time recorded for the PTZ but from the comments it doesn’t sound as if anything was going on in that view (?)

    • Did you maybe pick up her little trill from the mic about 11:14 last night, feather. And maybe at least the sound from the ‘encounter’?
      Don’t remember any activity taking place on the PTZ during that time – think it was all on the static cam, but I am not certain – too busy watching the static, I guess.

  4. Woohoo, it’s BIRDATHON time! And even tho’ it’s following on the footsteps of the egg pledge donations, hopefully we will each have a little, or possibly a lot, that we can give to support the amazing Starr Ranch Sanctuary! There are many worthy causes that compete for our donations and sometimes I am puzzled about where my donated dollars actually go…whether for administrative costs or for the cause to which I am contributing. It’s seems easy to understand where our dollars go when we donate to Starr Ranch! It goes toward the preservation and conservation of invaluable resources (such as diverse wildlife and plant species in open protected land); it goes toward education that teaches our young (and maybe even older folks) how important it is to protect and preserve for the future; some donations might even go toward allowing people from around the world to peer into the nests of Barn Owls, Hawks, Hummingbirds, or Finches and see ‘up close and personal’ the worlds not usually so easily observed. Occasionally we might even be able to observe the comings and goings of Mule Deer and of those delightful Acorn Woodpeckers, as well as lots of other birds we strive to identify (well, some of us have to work at it, me for sure). And then there are those challenge activities that have resulted in an ‘army of folks’ around the country (maybe the world) wearing Starr Ranch shirts. (Would a ‘bunch’ of folks be called an army???)

    From my personal experience and from what I’ve read in others’ posts, observing nests and wildlife at Starr Ranch has often provided immense joy, comforting solace, outstanding humor, a friendly community of others who enjoy the natural world, and also a ‘real world classroom’ from which we have learned so much. Additionally, we are often treated to the most amazing ‘music’ presented by the Starr Ranch symphony!!! But all that said, we also get to be an important part of a significant endeavor, protecting the wild at a time when we the people need to express our values by valuing that which depends on us for survival. So, even tho’ I am just now sending in my egg pledge donation (hmmmm), I will dig a little deeper to find that little or that lot that I can pledge for the Birdathon that is the biggest Starr Ranch fundraiser of the year! As has been said before at this site, the smallest donations add up to make up that final total. Every single penny matters!!! Hope lots of you will join in to support the 2014 BIRDATHON!

    Perhaps this is the instance when the phrase we often use fits perfectly…..”the more the merrier!”

    To learn more, please check under the cam screens (if you haven’t already) where Pete has announced all you need to know about the 2014 BIRDATHON!

    • So Wynne, if the rain does come, will we be shaken but not stirred ? It’s been an eventful few days. Hopefully we won’t be FOOLED by anyone tomorrow. Good evening all. !!!!!!

    • It’s snowing up here in Nevada County, CA (an hour from Lake Tahoe) at 2,500 feet elevation. It was raining but then the drops became fatter and fatter until they turned to snow flakes. Just an inch and now it seems to be turning back to rain. Whatever happens, we so need the moisture, so it’s all good. But it sure freaked out the birds at my feeders.

  5. I got an email from someone who won a t-shirt, but hadn’t received it yet. I can’t remember if it was recent email or one I had missed and now noticed when scrolling thru. I just now wanted to respond to it but I can’t find it and can’t remember who it was from. I also recall reading in it the winner thinking I didn’t send the shirt because of something the she had posted or emailed me that she thought might have bothered me. I can say right now that’s not the case, and never would be – I just missed seeing the email. So, if it’s you, please resend your size/style and address info to and I’ll get it out right away. TX Pete

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