Black-chinned Hummingbird Nestcam

Please check back in late March/early April 2013. If there is renewed activity, this cam will be live.

First clutch
04/20/11 First egg
04/22/11 Second egg
Second clutch in dif nest 4′ away – no dates recorded
7/15/11 Ed just told me the BCHU buzzed out of the old (1st) nest and when we mirrored it saw she had two eggs! So looks like Round 3 has begun… Will move the cam to it hopefully by end of the day. Interesting to note is that I recall the 2nd chick from the 2nd brood fledged just last Saturday. So assuming same female, she’s not wasting any time! Pls spread the word. TX Pete
7/21/11 Some BCHU ID tips from Ed:
– A small (~3 grams) greenish-backed hummingbird lacking any rufous in the tail ruling out both Allen’s and Rufous Hummingbirds.
– Both sexes show a little white spot directly behind the eye. The whitish feathers don’t extend over the eye as it does in both Anna’s and Costa’s Hummingbirds.
– Females have dusky feathers on their throats, but older females may on occasion have a few black or purple feathers. Their throats have more dusky feathers than a female Costa’s Hummingbird, which has the whitest throat of all the regular hummingbirds in California. In contrast, all but juvenile Anna’s Hummingbirds have some reddish feathers on the center of their throats. Also, Anna’s are noticeably larger ~(4.2 grams) in a side-by-side view (e.g. hummingbird feeder).
– Males have black chins and purplish throats. Young males don’t begin getting black & purple feathering until August and resemble adult males by March.

Best estimate when the 1st egg was laid for “Round 3″ is 7/12/11. If I recall correctly incubation is ~18 days and then ~21 days from hatch to fledging.

3,573 thoughts on “Black-chinned Hummingbird Nestcam

  1. I’m sticking close today to see if I just might see a Little fledge. This time I checked in to see the precious beak to beak shot! (Scroll)
    Mama arrived and first checked out the “Spider-web TV show” the ‘kids’ were watching.
    Then she fed her youngins with that special Miracle Grow stuff.

  2. So glad to see the littles are still here! I thought yesterday with the one standing on the others back and reving up that it be gone for sure. As someone said “bonus days”. Thanks to all for great comments and pictures.

  3. surprise… both littles are still enjoying the comforts of home:-)) a big shout-out of thanks to all who’ve posted not only comments but pictures – u made the site extra special!

  4. Oh, so active early this morning. One of the Littles just wingercized around the edge of the nest. It reminded me of when Mama used to do a 360 degree turn in the nest while sitting on the eggs. It ended up by sitting on top of its sibling as there is only so much room in the nest for two BIG Littles!!!!

    • Big Little started wingercizing at one point on the nest…SRLittlewingercizing818.png
      And ended up struggling to get back into the nest cup, so Little just parked on top of its sibling! Funny to watch.

    • Eventually, the Little managed to snuggle down into the nest cup beside its sibling. This one could be called…”Two Booty Updos and Two Pointy Beaks!” Scroll
      But the side by side did not last long…

    • OMG! Hilarious Pantha and emma! You both made me laugh soooo loud!!! Isn’t this site sooo much FUN??! I’ve been slammed w/ my business all day, and a bit stressful, so to be able to check in for the first time today with such wonderful pics and captions and get caught up is so awesome!! Thank you BOTH for your time and efforts in posting! I appreciate it!

  5. I was pleased this morning to find them both at home when I checked, but now I’m very surprised that both are still there. Lucky us — I think we have been given a little extra time to watch. They are very active right now.

    • Can you imagine living this ‘up close and personal’ with anyone?? I am amazed that these little ones manage to both stay in the nest with all of their turning, wiggling and jockeying for position! It’s such a joy to observe!

  6. Both Littles seem to have settled down in their nest and currently are dozing. Mommy should be arriving with a meal soon! I expect they may fledge within the next day or two. Amazing that they can sleep and eat w/ their beaks straight up, pointing to the heavens! aug16-3.png

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