Black-chinned Hummingbird Nestcam

Please check back in late March/early April 2013. If there is renewed activity, this cam will be live.

First clutch
04/20/11 First egg
04/22/11 Second egg
Second clutch in dif nest 4′ away – no dates recorded
7/15/11 Ed just told me the BCHU buzzed out of the old (1st) nest and when we mirrored it saw she had two eggs! So looks like Round 3 has begun… Will move the cam to it hopefully by end of the day. Interesting to note is that I recall the 2nd chick from the 2nd brood fledged just last Saturday. So assuming same female, she’s not wasting any time! Pls spread the word. TX Pete
7/21/11 Some BCHU ID tips from Ed:
– A small (~3 grams) greenish-backed hummingbird lacking any rufous in the tail ruling out both Allen’s and Rufous Hummingbirds.
– Both sexes show a little white spot directly behind the eye. The whitish feathers don’t extend over the eye as it does in both Anna’s and Costa’s Hummingbirds.
– Females have dusky feathers on their throats, but older females may on occasion have a few black or purple feathers. Their throats have more dusky feathers than a female Costa’s Hummingbird, which has the whitest throat of all the regular hummingbirds in California. In contrast, all but juvenile Anna’s Hummingbirds have some reddish feathers on the center of their throats. Also, Anna’s are noticeably larger ~(4.2 grams) in a side-by-side view (e.g. hummingbird feeder).
– Males have black chins and purplish throats. Young males don’t begin getting black & purple feathering until August and resemble adult males by March.

Best estimate when the 1st egg was laid for “Round 3″ is 7/12/11. If I recall correctly incubation is ~18 days and then ~21 days from hatch to fledging.

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  1. First day of September…. is it unlikely that we will see another clutch? Temp of 60 degrees sounds glorious to me, but maybe not to the BCHB! To any ‘Smittens’ (aka anyone who loves the Littles) have a wonderful day!

    AliceO CO… I see HB around my home, too, but don’t see nests with delightful Littles, so I miss it, too!

    • Hi smitten emma! I still check “just in case”. Hummers grow sooooo fast, and once fledged….gone for good. Wish they were like the owlets and move out slowly. But then, if we didn’t have these wonderful cams, we wouldn’t see them at all. The glass is always full at Starr Ranch!

  2. Checking in from Colorado in hopes there was a new nest starting. Oh well, missing those hummers a lot. At least we have the ones still at our feeder but that isn’t up close and personal like this. Come back hummers, soon!!!

  3. Well, phooey! No hummers seem to be interested in the perfect-little-comfy-cozy-easy-access-nest-site. Hello to all of the “Smittens” on this Monday morning! Sigh……

    • Good mornin’ to my fellow ‘Smitten’ member! lol I’m surprised on my check-in this mornin’ that no expectant mama hummers have taken up residence… yet! (Why are they procrastinatin’?) Like you posted, this nest is the perfect-little-comfy-cozy-easy-access-nest-site! Wonder how the previous occupants are doin’ – flitterin’ and flyin’ and havin’ lotz-a-fun discoverin’ all there is to discover!! lol

  4. Such a cute picture of the babies before they left the nest! Sooo precious!! I just want to kiss their little foreheads!! Looks like we are all bird lovers here! They’re awesome little ones! I will keep checking back here for their Mommy.

    • Hi emma! A ‘Smitten’ check-in from a Club co-member! Sad to see we have no mama hummer taking up residence… yet!! lol Sure is fun to continue to visit here, tho’, as ‘The Smittens’ continue to post about our BCHB withdrawals! Yes, a very good idea to visit old pics and posts! Happy Friday hummer-lovers!

    • Hi ‘Smitten’ co-member!! emma and I wondered where you’ve been! Good to know you’re not (permanently) absent. We already did roll-call and called your name, but didn’t hear you reply ‘here’. We’re relieved now!! lol

  5. I miss the cute little Hummingbirds, Mommy included! I check back often just in case she comes back. They inspired me so much, I bought a beautiful hummingbird feeder. I loved watching the babies and their little tongues and cute little eyes. Just wanted to kiss them! :-) We are bird lovers at our house and our Cockatiel is very spoiled!

    • Pantha, great capture! I never saw this before… love their positions in the nest! Not much room in the nest as they grew!

      SoCalRose… I’m a bird lover, too, but I just feed the hummers outside my house. I have 2 large feeders and they SWARM (!) the feeders daily… every couple of days I need to re-fill. Love to see the different colors and sizes of all the visitors! They must love the sugar water I make from scratch!( I’m also a BIG eagle lover, too!)

  6. Still come to check…just in case. The time with those Littles and Mama was simply too too brief for me! Hope they are all flitting about and enjoying their big wide world at SR!

    • Hi emma! I was just thinking the same thing! (at least I’m not the only one who still checks in! I keep hoping for a surprise ‘hummer-hotel-checkin’… a place of residence for expectant mommy-to-be’s!

    • Ha (and hi!) Pantha… so true! ‘The Smitten Three’ we should be called! lol Pantha’s right, the word ‘smitten’ is smooth… I like it because it rhymes with ‘kitten’ (I love cats)… and even ‘mitten’, which brings back fond childhood memories!! One of these days I know we’ll be treated to a surprise visit by another expectant mama hummer!

    • Although I may not see a hummer on this check in today, I was surprised to see the posts from ‘The Smitten Ones’… a club that probably has more members than we know!!!! The more the merrier, right? Don’t know from what this excerpt comes but it’s fitting…..”and still we wait.”

    • To my fellow ‘Smitten Ones’ Club co-members: love your post… I got a great laugh reading your posts! Pantha, very cute… and clever! ‘Smitten kitten wearing mittens’! So true! The ‘Smitten Ones’ continue to wait… and continue to check in!!

  7. emma ~ thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! And speaking of smitten? (might I add your name to the list?) I checked in this morning and both were still there. I took several captures myself as I was afraid they would be gone by the time I could check in again. I’m so happy that we all got some “bonus” time to enjoy them……and even happier that you were able to get those last precious pictures! (and absolutely WONDERFUL pictures, BTW) Again, THANK YOU!!!! :)

    • DITTO to EVERYTHING Pantha said!! Well-put Pantha, and great job (and thank you!!) emma for all of your time and efforts to keep those of us who can’t always check in up-to-date! I’m so said I missed it all but learning from the other hummer nests I watch, they haven’t gone far! Newly fledged youngins’ usually stay very close to the nest for several days while mommy teaches them survival skills and continues to feed them. (but too bad for us it’s out of cam view!) Maybe we’ll be pleasantly surprised with another round from Mrs H!!

    • It was such a delight to share this site, wasn’t it? Glad you enjoyed the pictures as I enjoyed the ones posted by others, especially Pantha and KathyG, members of the ‘Smitten by the Hummers Club’ that seems to have many appreciative members!!! :)

  8. I was home today and started watching about 7:45 a.m.and captured oh so many shots for those who were not home today to watch. It was amazing to watch as the first spent so much time wingercizing and then was gone at 10:56 a.m. Then, when the nest was empty and gave the second plenty of space to practice. At about 10:50 the second lifted up and fledged and hopefully joined its family. Now, there is that ‘Lonesome image’ as carol posted!

    • Carol, I don’t have pics of the actual lift off. It happened in seconds and so unexpectedly. The first just flew off, the second was wingercizing, sat down, lifted up and out, just like that. I was stunned! The last time I saw a HB fledge from the last nest site, the youngin hung over the side of the nest before it kind of fell out, but this one, just abruptly lifted up and out! Wish I could have been fast enough to capture it. Sorry.

    • Thanks for the answer. I’ve seen hummers take off and, unless the camera is a video that is running, you wouldn’t catch the lift off. I’ll miss seeing hummers. Maybe I’ll catch the start of the season next spring.

    • Hi Joyce, guess there are plenty of captures to enjoy, I might have gotten carried away but wanted to chronicle the events thinking that today would be the day…. and sadly and joyfully, it was ‘the day!’

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