Cam Problems

03/07/11 PTZ fixed.  Sorry it was down so long.  Just a lot of other stuff going on at Starr Ranch and I was just now able to get to it.  Pete

03/06/11 The PTZ (right) cam has a problem with the wiring that controls it – I’m pretty sure a pocket gopher chewed through it somewhere but the spots I’ve looked at so far are OK.  But I will find and fix.  Hopefully tomorrow morning.  In the meantime it will be offline.  Thanks for understanding.  Pete

03/05/11 5PM PST When it rains it pours… I just noticed come heavy duty pocket gopher chewing on the PTZ cable.  Could be responsible for PTZ cam doing its random “upside down” thing.  Will work on fixing tomorrow.  Hopefully some temp fixes will get us thru the night and I’ll also have the left cam back up.  Pete

03/05/11  3PM PST A limb fell from the eucalyptus tree taking down the cable for the left cam.  I can fix but will have to wait until tonight when the female takes off.  In the meantime, enjoy Bell Creek on a gorgeous day at Starr Ranch.  Pete

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