Reorganized Starr Ranch Barn Owl Page 02/07/11

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In an effort to make this site more user friendly and less busy, we recently reorganized it. In general, the views and ability to post and/or reply to comments has not changed at all. However, here are a few things about what has changed:

-You can comment while watching the video feeds.
-“Search this site…” searches everything EXCEPT comments made below the video feeds. Gretchen’s working on trying to apply it to these also.
-If you go back to previous pages to read older comments the video feeds will not be there. After all, we figured you’re reading and scrolling, not watching. In the past while you’re reading with the video’s still on the page you were using bandwidth even if you scrolled the video off the screen. Now you have to go to the most current page to restart videos.
-An FAQ page is now available in the left column with key words to hopefully help you quickly find the answer you’re looking for.
-If you have a question that you think would be good to have included in the FAQs please email it to and I’ll try to include ASAP. In fact, feel free to email with any comments or questions.
-If you go to a FAQ and it has more info that isn’t shown, click on the title of the FAQ if you want to read more.
-If you responded to my request to take a time slot to watch these birds and record data (formally in left hand column), I still have your info. Just haven’t been able to figure out how to do this so that it works well and provides useful info.

-Many thanks to Garrison, Gretchen, Jill, Lisa, Martin, and Trish for their various contributions to this redesign.

Important: I want to make sure that everyone understands that I will not intervene should anything occur that might naturally cause this nest to fail. This includes predators, bees, chicks not getting enough food, etc. We are able to watch what goes on at this nest because there are cameras there that have no affect on their behavior. I feel very strongly that this doesn’t come with it the right to manipulate what we see. These are wild birds in a wild situation. Thanks.


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