Tell me about Starr Ranch

Starr Ranch Sanctuary is a 4,000 acre preserve owned and operated by the National Audubon Society. It is located in the foothills of the Santa Ana Mountains in the mild and semiarid Mediterranean climate of southeastern Orange County, California, approximately 60 miles southeast of Los Angeles. The land had once been a Native American Indian winter camp, a pasture for a famous Don, homesteads for prominent pioneers, and part of Rancho Mission Viejo. It briefly came into the hands of an oil millionaire, and narrowly escaped its fate as a motorcycle race course, before finally coming into the care of the National Audubon Society. Our mission is to offer innovative approaches to land management and environmental education that will influence the way Orange County citizens appreciate, conserve, and manage wildlands. We seek to instill a love of nature through educational programs that involve people of all ages in wildlife research and to provide a model of rigorous, sustainable land management through applied research. Starr Ranch is staffed by Manager , Director of Research and Education , and Assistant Director of Research and Education .  For more complete information about Starr Ranch and all that goes on here please visit our homepage.

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