Some of the native habitats found in southern California are found no where else in the world and, unfortunately, they are disappearing at an alarming rate. This is due mostly to poorly planned urban development that has failed to take into account the intrinsic value of wildland and wildlife. Since Starr Ranch contains some of these rare habitat types, it is necessary for us to control human access - no hunting, hiking, ATV, ORV, mountain biking and horseback riding are allowed. Additionally, because Starr Ranch is used for various types of ecological research, we must limit general access. Sensitive study areas and equipment require a minimum amount of disturbance.

Environmental Action

Southern California has enormous environmental problems that have arisen largely from uncontrolled development. Due to a combination of unique climate and topography, much of the native habitat in the area is endemic. The manager at Starr Ranch devotes a large portion of his time to local conservation battles, in an effort to preserve the little that remains of native wildlands. Starr Ranch also serves as a focal point for environmental activism and networking as well as a meeting place for planning efforts that involve both developers and environmentalists.