Starr Ranch Volunteers

National Audubon Society?s 4000 acre Starr Ranch Sanctuary in Trabuco Canyon is expanding its programs in research, public education, and environmental activism. Over the years, we have relied on a group of dedicated volunteers to help us with our public education programs, weed control, bird banding, and stream bioassesment. People interested in helping out with any of the following: education, maintenance, office work, research, and weed management and habitat restoration. Please contact Sandy DeSimone () at 949-858-0309 if you would like to become a Starr Ranch volunteer.

Bird Banding Volunteers

Dedicated birders who would like banding experience are invited to apply to become volunteer banders for a MAPS (Mapping Avian Productivity and Survival) station at the Starr Ranch Bird Observatory. MAPS is a growing network of nearly 500 banding stations in 47 states that was created in 1989 by the Institute for Bird Populations (IBP). Long term banding data from MAPS stations will help track changes in populations and migration patterns. Dave Bontrager, experienced bander and wildlife biologist, comes to Starr Ranch for six days each spring to give intensive training to twelve volunteers. We ask for a $150 donation per person to cover training expenses. MAPS volunteers are required to commit 8 - 10 mornings per year over five years during spring and early summer to banding birds at Starr Ranch and the Orange County nature reserve system. If you would like to apply to become part of the Starr Ranch MAPS banding station or would like more information please contact Sandy DeSimone ( ) at 949-858-0309.

For more MAPS information see http://www.birdpop.org

We Love Our Volunteers! THANK YOU ALL!

John SchmidtWe have a wonderful group of volunteers who help us at Starr Ranch as docents during public events and as assistants to our researchers and interns. Volunteers also help us with maintenance and office work. We take this opportunity to publicly thank volunteers who over the past two years have helped out in various ways at Starr Ranch.


We thank wildlife biologist and artist John Schmitt for designing our beautiful Starr Ranch t-shirt, from which the Red-shouldered Hawk in our logo was taken. John has also donated his time as a workshop leader during our Chapter Natural History Day.

Thank you, John!